We help fight for your assets.

  1. We defend properties regarding federal land, ejido land, squatters, possession, beach concessions, boundary issues and title disputes.
  2. We have declared many purchase agreements, offer to purchase agreements and promise to trust agreements null and void due to the fact of the legal deficiencies of their contents.
  3. We carry out foreclose procedures with respect to mortgages, pledge agreements and trust agreement in guarantee.
  4. We have extensive experience evicting delinquent tenants, homeowners and squatters.
  5. 80% of our cases have been substantially decided due to the fact of the legal strategy we have elected.


Legal Strategy

In big litigation cases we are always covered from legal, political and economic angles.  Our transactional work is backed up with our litigation department.

Practicing Attorneys

Practicing Attorneys

Javier Troncoso Valle

Recent Cases

ABC Development Company (Cabo San Lucas); B&B Inc Resort Development (San Jose del Cabo)

Related Practice Areas

Real Estate

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“I had the best experience with Bufete Troncoso.  They are professional and they really took time to understand my needs.” – Jo Smith, Toronto, Canada