Juan Francisco Arzate Vargas

Practicing Law Since: 2003
Phone: +52 (624) 142-4435

"To see the results of your work done on the required time by your client is the greatest reward."

Lic. Juan Francisco Arzate Vargas

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Lic. Juan Francisco Arzate Vargas has been practicing law since 2003.  His expertise in Corporate Law, Real Estate and Homeowners Associations makes him a great asset to our firm. He is a partner of Bufete Troncoso which is located in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur.  

An Interview with Lic. Francisco

Q: What made you want to become a lawyer?

The possibility of assisting and helping defend the rights of individuals and entities.

Q: Where are you from and what is your childhood background?

I’m from Tijuana, Baja California and my childhood was full of playing sports and attending school.

Q: How did you start your career and what have you been up to now?

I started my career as a paralegal and hard work has taken me to be a member of this incredible law firm.

Q: Do you have any other lawyers in your family and what is your relation to them?

I’m proudly the first lawyer in my family.

Q: What part of law did you find most challenging?

To give results on a timely basis, in such way that the client achieves his legal goals on time

Q: What part of law did you find most rewarding?

See clients satisfied with the results of our legal assistance.

Q: The law is always changing with different rulings.  How do you keep up with the changes in the legal system and how much time do you spend on research of the latest “case law”?

We review every day the publications on the official federal gazzete and the official State gazzete in order to review the publications of new laws. Also we consistently follow up the Supreme Court Justice publications regarding new case law.

Q: What organizations are you involved with?

Los Cabos Attorneys Association

Q: What part of the being a lawyer is the most rewarding?

To see the results of your work done on the required time by your client.